Donnerstag, 31. Dezember 2009

Change of fiscal year

I take a review
From the first January till today the last of December.

Surpised I've been this year.
Joyfelt my heart about all, what I got and all what I reached
Sucsess in AIC Austrian Inline Cup
The chance to be with the First Austrian Bicycle Peace Journey
Easilier than I thougt
New friends I got
My heart is felt with tenderness
All the people I met on the way
The impressions I never forget
I finished the distance from Vienna to Istanbul inhalf of fourteen days
And if somebody ask invites me to start again.
I will be on the way for the intention
For peace I will give all what I have
My love, my power, my ideas, my inspiration
To imagine the children
Say no, if they want make war.
Don't listen to them
Live your own life with peace in your heart.
Safe you will be in the hand of the Lord
Love, trust, hope cheerfuly.

A lot of sucsess and don't be afraid of the future
Someone takes care above all
The Allmighty and your angel.

I wish you the best for the New Year 2010

Zäzilia Mayr

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