Samstag, 30. Januar 2010

"On my path"

I walk ahead
in front of me
a long narrow path,
like the ribbon
in the girl`s light hair
who passes by.

Her bright smile
makes the day lighter

The hollow in the tree is empty
what a pitty!
Its owner takes a holiday,
a journay to a warmer country.

A brown-grey stone
with its white curiously
opening eyes looks at me,
asks, what I look for here.

A small green-blue paddle
soaks my shoes
but doèsn`t say sorry.

A round, red bin
full of rubbish
says thanks to me.

A big, black dog
greets me bow-wow
and the first snowdrops
greet me too.

A flook of sheep enjoy
the grass und wonder
why I`m here.

A little stream
murmuries to my ears,
this mornings`-day is cold.

A sharp wind brings
to me a good news,
to morrow will be warmer.

A lonely, pure tree
whose branches are cut off.
A pigeon on its top
gives me a long stare,
spreads its wings,
says good bye and flys away.

And I ?
turn back home.

Zäzilia Mayr

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