Donnerstag, 21. März 2013

Tuberculosis, they will never get a grip
Before you know it you'll be infected
They are acid-and heat-resistant

I had three and thirty years, tuberculosis
I am healed
Many pay for their lives from the disease with death
My time has given me
Limited them to me is
Franz Kafka died of this disease
Vulnerable people whose defenses are weakened
The symptoms vary
Tiredness, paleness, dizziness
Suns intolerance
Discharge to the blood-spitting
Just sick

Tuberculosis is curable
Hitler was gassing the consumptive
Nothing, lazy, good for nothing, they were insulted
This disease can overtake every human
Before you know it, you can be infected
Tuberculosis, they will never get a grip

Zäzilia Mayr

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