Samstag, 6. Februar 2010

Thanks for reading my poems

One day I will go to the United States
Friends are living there
The Grandfather of my children David and Clair
Also my nice Nicole Chidester
I have seen her at last she was a baby
Now she must be twentysix years old
And her mother Linda
Kurt Hastings he was a student
I met him and his girlfriend Mary Thayer in the train
We had the same direction from Munich to Salzbourg
A small talk got a friendship
A long time we wrote each other
I like conversation in English and I like conversation from my heart
It's a pleasure for me
And if I don't know the word I use my hands and my feet
It's very late here in Vienna
I go to bed and fell asleep
Thanks for your visit on my blog
I hope you will read my lyrik again
I'm dreaming to go to America one day
So long, take care
I wish you an nice day over there

Zäzilia Mayr

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