Sonntag, 12. Februar 2012

Time critical

Criticism of the time
Time is measured
Events of the time to write history.
People leave traces
Periods of rise and decay
Nothing stays as it is
Everything changes, matures after a certain time
Every single human being is mortal.
Time is running out.
She does not stand still.
The man moves ignite enthusiasm.
After annealing, the breath disappears, the flame goes out.
Irretrievably every moment elapsed.
We limited the time from the beginning to the end.
Consistent and inconsistent feelings to express.
Fair criticism, if the interaction is not equal.
Discontent into words.
Tactfully, the facts mentioned by name.
Bring the imbalance in the balance.
Constructive criticism
What is my intention?
As I take my anger in the right words?
I remain objective - an objective?
Or is it the desire to provoke?
Confront more!
A veto and fight injustice, instead of wasting one's own forces and to annoy me.
What I want to achieve with my criticism?
I will give my rage and air space?
Or I will eat the resentment inside me until it ferments in me, and descalates into violence?
No, I think criticism should be applied objectively, fairly and tactfully.
Allowed to say what is not consistent for me.
Without fear!
Show only with courage, courage!
Do not be silent!

Zäzilia Mayr

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